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Welcome to my new campaign website!  I hope you enjoy it, but more importantly I hope you get the chance to learn about what I will do to bring accountability and professionalism back to the Cobb County Solicitor General’s Office.  Cobb County deserves a Solicitor General who tirelessly works to protect our community’s safety and Constitutional rights.  This is a full-time responsibility, and taxpayers can count on me to be there when they need me the most.


News Spotlight

  • Cindi Yeager Announces Campaign for Cobb Solicitor General

    PRESS RELEASE Contact: Jessica Szilagyi, Campaign Manager Phone: 770.265.1404 Email: info@cindiyeager.com CINDI YEAGER ANNOUNCES CAMPAIGN FOR COBB SOLICITOR GENERAL Marietta, March 15, 2013 – Cindi Yeager issued the following statement announcing her campaign for Cobb County Solicitor General: “I’m excited about the opportunity to serve the residents of Cobb County as their Solicitor General. This
  • Even After Elections, Stay Active in Local Politics

    The long election season is now at an end.  Many of you are probably saying “Thank goodness!”  I don’t blame you.  Many of our local campaigns started in 2011, and the Republican candidates for President started quietly before that!  Elections are important, but it is understandable that people are beginning to get frustrated.  Keep one
  • Campaign Lessons on How to be a Good Republican

    Secondly, I learned the importance of serving as a dedicated Republican during this campaign. The men and women of our party put in a tremendous amount of work building and protecting the Republican brand in Cobb County, the State of Georgia, and across this county. I feel proud of the work my campaign did during